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Julien Mégroz  « Natur/Maschine » – 2014 – 6 swiss works for solo percussion by Thomas Kessler, Kevin Juillerat, Jacques Demierre, Gary Berger, Stéphane Borel and Fritz Hauser. Recorded and mixed by Robert Torche in ESB Basel. amazon itunes deezer google



Fritz Hauser: DIFFERENT BEAT – 2016 – We Spoke: percussion plays music for percussion ensemble by Fritz Hauser. Recorded in surround sound recording (5.1) in « salle de musique » in La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH) by Santi Barguñó and Hugo Romano (neu records) video

neu records DIFFERENT BEAT


The music of the show « la légende du pont du diable/Die Sage der Teufelsbrücke »– 2014 – music composed by Cyrill Greter and Julien Mégroz. Played by Constance Jaermann, voice and prepared piano, Cyrill Greter, viola, and Julien Mégroz, percussions. Recorded and mixed by Robert Torche in Le Pantographe, Moutier (CH).