HYPER DUO is a Swiss ensemble founded by pianist Gilles Grimaître and percussionist Julien Mégroz. Both from French-speaking Switzerland, the two met during the prestigious Lucerne Festival in 2012. With a shared passion for adventurous repertoire and the presentation of new works, the two have regularly performed together in Switzerland and abroad. Over time, they came to focus not only on the rich and ever-expanding body of repertoire which exists for piano and percussion, but also to offer a new approach to the traditional concert format, notably by prioritising staging and dramaturgy. Always searching for original programmes which blur the boundaries between music and performance-art, the duo represents a collective exploration of sound, space and affect.

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Upcoming concerts:

HYPER MATIÈRE – new program with pieces by Lorieux, McCormack, Corrales, Wubbels and a new piece by Dragos Tara

02.02.18 – Café littéraire, Bienne CH

03.02.18 – Centre ABC, (CMC concerts de musique contemporaine))La Chaux-de-Fonds CH

05.03.18 – Société de musique contemporaine (SMC), Salle Utopia 1, Conservatoire de Lausanne CH

29.04.18 – ppIANISSIMO festival, Sofia BG

november/december 18 (date tba) – Unerhörte Musik, Berlin DE

HYPER WHITE – music by Steen-Andersen and Nemtsov

14.03.18 – Le Bourg, Lausanne CH (with We Spoke)

HYPER FUZZ – feat. Cyrill Lim, music by Psathas, Stockhausen, Zappa, von Ritter-Zahony, Mégroz, Grimaître and interludes by Lim

17.03.18 – Taktlos Festival, Kanzlei Turnhalle, Zürich

26.03.18 – Kantonsschule, Küsnacht




HYPER FUZZ feat. Cyril Lim (electronics) – Hyper new experimental rock music for synth and drumkit, with pieces by Psathas, Stockhausen, Zappa and new compositions by von Ritter-Zahony, Mégroz, Grimaître and Lim.



HYPER ALUMINIUM – With pieces by Ben Johnston, Franck Bedrossian, Simon Steen-Andersen, Edmund Campion, John Luther Adams and a new composition by Fritz Hauser.