solo repertoire


Set-up & others

Alexandre Babel – Music for small audiences, for snare drum and metal blocks

Stéphane Borel – Pagaille dans la volière, for set-up and marimba


Gary Berger – Spins, for drumset and electronics

Gary Berger – 31 Mal lösen, for objects, live video and electronics

Casey Cangelosi – Naglfar, for set-up

Eliott Carter – March, for four timpani

Eliott Carter – Saëta, for four timpani

Thierry de Mey – Silence must be! for a conductor and tape

Vinko Globokar – Toucher, for one speaking percussionnist

Vinko Globokar – Dialog über Erde, for objects, water and percussions

Fritz Hauser – 5 fades, solo for percussion. Excerpts:


Fritz Hauser – Schraffur, for gong solo

Maki Ishii – Thirteen Drums

Kevin Juillerat – Gawa, for udu, razors and lights

Thomas Kessler – Drum control, for set-up, syth and computer

Pär Lindgren – Woodpecker’s Chant, for set-up

Askell Masson – Kim, for snare drum

Michael Maierhof – Splitting 25.2, for a player on nylon strings and 6 tape machines (or fixed sounds)

Julien Mégroz – Electromime, for set-up, invisible instruments and tape

Julien Mégroz – Carie(s) for objects on a snare drum

Julien Mégroz – Confession, for a speaking percussionnist

Gerard Pape – Funeral Sentences (2. Marche funèbre, 4. Le réveil des morts) for timpani and metal instruments

Karlheinz Stockhausen – Nasenflügeltanz, for a singing drummer and electronics

Iannis Xenakis – Rebonds, for set-up

Iannis Xenakis – Psappha, for set-up

N.J. Zivkovic – The castle of the mad king, for set-up


Keyboard instruments

Edmund Campion – Losing Touch, for vibraphone and electronics

Jacques Demierre – Desalpe, for marimba

Nicholas Deyoe – Fantasia IIIb, for vibraphone

Karlheinz Essl – Sequitur XI, for vibraphone and electronics

Michel Hostettler – Le champs des étoiles, for marimba

Philippe Hurel – Loops II, for vibraphone

Betsy Jolas – Etudes aperçues, for vibraphone and cencerros

Julien Mégroz – Brends 3a, for vibraphone

Yashuo Sueyoshi – Mirage, for marimba

L.H. Stevens – Rythmic Caprice, for marimba

Valentin Villars – solo de vibraphone

Alejandro Viñao – Khan Variation, for marimba

N.J. Zivkovic – Tensio, for marimba


For interest of a solo concert with any combination of these pieces, please contact me by email.